11th November 2013


Finally after a much anticipated wait for Paul to release his album, it is almost here! 


After 2 years of hard work, Pauls album 'More..' Is almost ready and in the final stages of early promotion, production and planning... 


After collaborating with some of the finest musicians and industry professionals in the business, Pauls debut release shines with stunning arrangements of standards, originals and much, much more...

At the moment there's lots of industry excitement and interest in the background regarding the recording that is taking careful planning to ensure the release see's the albums full potential! rest assured every element of planning is in process. 


Be sure to register your interest straight away as we aim to give social media friends the opportunity to own one of these compilations hot off of the press!!!


Simply visit the link below adding 'Album' as reference:


   Register interest for the album  ‘Paul Pashley’ 


A release date, track confirmation along with further news, information and details of the product will follow on the site shortly!