25th April 2014

Copies of the superbly packaged album 'More..' are flying off of the shelves. Be one of the first to get your hard copy of 'More..' that can only be purchased at the moment via Paul's website shop or by catching him on a event. The reason??..


'People might think that I'm crazy only having hard copies at the minute available direct from my site or on an event.. The truth is, for me, this really is art. From the packaging and slip case, design, colouring and feel, to putting on the cd in your car or at home... Is an experience that I feel cannot be beaten. There's a reason why people love CD's.. I also like to download, but will buy a CD from every band / artist I like, then I will put onto what ever device I wish too. Yes, I will distribute via digital at some point.. At the minute, the process feels personal and with every purchase.. I give something unique and special. It sort of fits with the genre the album is in. Lots of people have waited for this album and lots are extremely pleased with the result. The first batch I'm told is flying out'


Paul still admits to being very close to the recording that has taken over two years to produce and feels proud of what the album is already achieving through word of mouth and live performance! Tracks such as 'Fragile Like Crystal' and 'Muchachita' both originals are creating their own stir for listeners. 


'Fragile only just made it into production.. I was unsure but producer Iain (Iain Dixon) was adament that it should go on, he had a vision. On playing the album to John Parr, he thought it had a life of it's own, a great song. I'm more than pleased, pardon the pun! The album is really a journey.. People will always have their favourite song. However, if you get a spare fifty minutes which is never easy I appreciate.. You will hopefully see the journey I meant, from high's to low moods it swings. On performing 'More' the song for the first time I became extremely emotional through the music.. You can hear the emotion in the playing and the trombone solo captures the emotional feel as does 'Who Can I Turn To' Mike Davie's trumpet solo is incredible. For me the album has so much depth, mood and a musical quality you cannot put a price on'


To purchase your copy of 'More..' or hear samples.. Visit SHOP whilst stocks last.