'MORE..' PAUL PASHLEY ( A year on..)

7th April 2015

With a great mix of takes from the classics to the contemporary. Paul's album 'More..' features some wonderful arrangements of timeless material. Since the album release just over a year ago.. It was time to reflect on the albums progression so far, a year on.

From Paul's first thoughts on the album.. What does he think in brief now, a year from it's release and peoples reaction?



I wanted to create an album that had stature, quality and strength, something that would stand up on its own merit, show an indentity beside some great standards, but not just the standards, something extra, an edge and contemporary feel. This is why I wanted the albums name to say something, I hope that you enjoy ‘More..’  as much as we did creating it.

More..’  for me is a really honest compilation of great songs and features some beautiful works. I had the pleasure of working with some exceptional musicians in production. It really has taken lots of careful planning and passion, I hope that you enjoy the album.

        - Paul Pashley.




I feel like i'm progressing all of the time in music and I think that if you listen to the album from the front to back, you will hear what I mean. I think that what I said last year perfectly fits the compilaton of material that I put out. 

It's very easy listening and chilled. It has a bit of blues in there too! Swing, Jazz.. It's a nice mix for me to have put out independantly. A couple of numbers came out way different from what we imagined. 'Sunshine Of Your Love' is one. However, when you have someone like Chris Spedding offering to play on your album, then you have to let a guy like that do what he thinks is right! I love that version now and it is a firm favourite for a lot of people too. I worked with some great guys on this album! It's still very fresh, new and I've had lots of people telling me that it's unique, special! that's always very nice to hear.

I'm loving performing the material live in certain situations, that's when I really think that they come into light and mood. It's great with the band that are all already used to the material and what the audience expects depending upon the engagement ofcourse. In concert, there's a place for every song on the album. In a party atmosphere as you would imagine, the set-list can be and usually is far different!

I just want people to keep hearing the arrangements and my takes on such wonderful songs. I cannot compliment enough the work the guys put into this project for me. I hope that everyone's enjoying the album if they have it. If not, I hope they grab a copy soon!


Paul's album 'More..' is available direct from his website: www.paulpashley.com. You can purchase hard copy or digital. BUY NOW