For corporate or your special engagement then Paul Pashley excels beside his unique live line-ups that vary in size dependant upon your company or event specifications, requirements and budget.

From frequently performing at high profile events worldwide and companies small to large, concerts and a carefully select number of weddings per year... Paul's band features unique arrangements and world class musicians to compliment Paul's performance.

Concert, Festival or special occasion.. the selection of material performed can be tailored to the requirements of the client from  classics, dance floor fillers and his original material.

Below you can see a selection of Corporate, Concert and Special Events Paul has performed accompanied by a variety of musical line ups or Simply go straight to our free downloadable DIGITAL MEDIA PACK 






Paul Pashley (Self-Contained) 


The six, seven piece live ensemble is the advised line up for corporate, concert or special occasion... apart from the big band. Each arrangement has been tailored to this line ups specification. The link below demonstrates a fraction of the versatility the line-up is able to produce. Although consisting of six professional players, you would be mistaken for thinking that there are far more in the ensemble. Demonstrated below in 'Muchachita' (LIVE in concert, Six piece) off of Pauls album 'More..'


Trio - Piano, Bass, Drums

Perfect for intimate occasions and adding a subtle jazz, swing ambience. Classy and small for the required client. The trio brings a different dimension without the horns and guitar, perfect listening in many eyes, a fully striped down band.


Quartet - Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax (Advised line-up *)

Ontop of the already swinging trio, the saxophone addition brings the extra variety and versatility with its brassy sound. Instrumentals further come into their own, the added visual and sound of the saxophone enhances this line up dramatically.


Six piece - Piano, Bass, Drums, Alto sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet ( Advised line-up *)


Seven - As above including Guitar (Advised line-up *)


THE BIG BAND - 13 piece* / 17 piece* Big Band inc MD (Musical Director) (Advised line-up*)

Paul Pashley and his Big Band are a band like no other!

Not only can you hear the classic sounds of Miller, Shaw, Dorsey and many other famous instrumentals.. You will hear certain classics and more contemporary material, some interprited in a different but elegant, respected way. Pauls own version of Cole Porters 'Ive Got You Under My Skin' as a bossanova is a fine example:



From Pauls album material, popular ballads, instrumentals to versatile dance floor fillers, not only is this big band a spectacle too see, It also delivers much much more than you could imagine. For more exciting media footage of Paul and his bands visit VIDEO


For further information on all of the above, song options and all other BOOKING, PR and PRESS.. Please contact