My first diary post of the year and I’ve got lots to say and do over the next few manic months including a big welcome and introduction today to my new website put together by Mark from Seven Hills Creative!

I can’t wait to release the first single from my EP I co-wrote and was also written by Billboard no 1 writer Steve Edwards. This the recorded story of 4 songs that I am immensely proud of. I have self funded the project along with the videos to go with them. I have hopefully developed them along with Steve and Martin (MU Studios, Sheffield ) into a contemporary sound that’s fits with the standards and interpretations I perform into the year 2019!

I know that the EP is taking an age, and I’m repeating myself but really when you’re an independent inbetween performing live its not as easy as might seem! Music videos, rehearsing, Licencing, planning, budgeting.. Every job seems to be rolled into 1. I want to launch this with the respect I feel that it is due, this takes time and planning X I’m nearly there as you can see from the teaser: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulPashley2

Live performance wise, I have some phenomenal events throughout 2019, from performing for the VIPs at Manchester United at Old Trafford (Which I love ) to some fab corporate events and special occasions alongside my band. I am so lucky that word of mouth and being seen live seems to get me 99% of my work, last year I was flown to perform stateside in Miami twice and received tremendous feedback, I hope to go back to the US very soon!

As an independent artist with limited budget for PR and advertising like many, I rely on my voice and performance to obtain professional work in an ever changing music industry. There are lots of great things in the pipeline this year and we’re already getting booked up for live performances, private and public events! Get in touch for more information on how I can entertain at your event in 2019!

I’ll Be back with some more information and stories shortly! In there meantime, I hope you enjoy my new site and please sign up to my mailing list and YouTube for all future public dates, news and releases. Instagram and all social media platforms are something I am conscious of building up in 2019, so please hit me up on the links.

Paul Pashley